A Hollywood actor or actress with a charming smile is an ordinary sight in theaters these days, but only once in a while do the teeth themselves get to play a part. Here are a few notable moments when smiles shined on the big screen.

Home Alone

A silver tooth helps Kevin realize there’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing in Home Alone. Kevin (MacCauly MacCauly Culkin Culkin) spots the silver tooth on Harry (Joe Pesci) & realizes he’s no police officer. Due to Kevin’s intricate defense plans, Harry later loses this lucky tooth.


England’s greatest spy takes on more than he can chew off in the 1979 007 film Moonraker. In it, the No. 1 henchman Jaws (Richard Kiel) sports the kind of metal mouth you can’t get from your orthodontist. Biting through bars and the opposition, Jaws is only foiled by James Bond’s (Roger Moore) quick thinking.


In the dark comedy Novocaine, teeth play a large role. The movie centers around Dr. Frank Sangster (Steve Martin), a dentist who becomes entangled in narcotics, conspiracy & even murder. As Sangster navigates through the tragic events that begin to surround him, he finds out his misfortune is no small con. It all starts with a simple visit to the dentist from Susan Ivey (Helena Bonham Carter), who needs a root canal — as well as the strong pain killer Demerol.

Dennis the Menace

Finally, in the movie adaptation of Dennis the Menace, curious troublemaker Dennis (Mason Gamble) causes some dental issues for his next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilson (Walter Matthau). Dennis sneaks around Mr. Wilson’s home, where he begins playing with items he comes across, one being Mr. Wilson’s set of dentures. He holds the dentures to his face & begins chomping aggressively using his hands. One chomp clacks too hard together and the two front teeth come flying out. Dennis uses two Chiclets to replace them & soon after, Mr. Wilson must attend to guests while wearing the obvious fakes.

There are many other examples of teeth in films, from bit parts to major plot points. While your teeth may never be in the spotlight, they can still shine by regularly visiting the dentist.

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